Identify workplace barriers and accommodations to remove them so neurodivergent employees are productive and successful, entire teams thrive and the organization reduces employee turnover and recruiting costs. Accommodations are typically low or no cost, easy to implement and benefit other employees.

Given that not all neurodivergent employees disclose their condition, in fact, many may not even be aware of it, managers can and should proactively improve their skills for managing all employees, from communicating clearly to understanding each employee's strengths and challenges to developing a career path for each employee.

All employees fit somewhere on the human spectrum of neurodiversity so each will have their own strengths and challenges, communication preferences, social preferences, etc. Managers need to be inclusive with their workgroup and tailor attention where needed so all employees perform their best.

We help workgroup members understand and accept the differences of neurodivergent employees, as well as how workgroups with autistic employees benefit all employees, the organization's bottom line, and customer perception of the organization. Topics include: communication, planning and organizing, sensory and motor, work environment, managing autistic employees, teamwork and fitting in.

  • Audience: Workgroups, i.e., departments, project teams, teams that include an autistic employee, etc.
  • Training session: 1/2 Day interactive workshop training format