Employers often tie candidates' ability to do a job to their sociability and performance during their interview, but this can put autistic candidates at a disadvantage because of their different communication style and social skills. They often don't make good eye contact, can be overly honest about their weaknesses and don't know how much information to share. They may find it difficult to think and respond quickly to questions about hypothetical situations, interpret nonverbal cues, maintain conversations, and communicate appropriate degrees of formality.

We work with Human Resources and hiring managers on their interview processes to prompt hiring teams to look beyond these limitations and help candidates reveal their aptitudes, perhaps in unconventional ways, to increase the likelihood of a talent match from these previously overlooked applicants. The goal is to hire the person who will best perform the job requirements, not who has the best performance in a job interview.

  • Audience: HR and hiring managers
  • Training session: 1/2 Day interactive workshop training format