Identify and implement key neurodiversity inclusion policies and procedures to increase hiring, engagement and retention of neurodiverse talent and to avoid employee turnover and recruiting costs. The cost to replace an employee can range from 6-9 months of the annual salary for the position being replaced according to SHRM ($30K-$45K for a $60K job). Organizations actively recruiting autistic individuals report productivity gains, quality improvement, boosts in innovative capabilities, and broad increases in employee engagement.

Employers compete on the basis of innovation and want employees who think and see things differently, a characteristic of neurodivergent individuals, who are more likely to apply to positions at clearly inclusive organizations. Employers are also realizing that “innovation comes from parts of us we don't all share”, as Anka Wittenberg, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at SAP has acknowledged.

We work with your team to build on your current systems and processes, to remove barriers and to create neurodiversity-friendly workplaces so you won’t miss out on this great talent, thereby compromising on productivity, innovation and a competitive edge.

  • Audience: HR departments
  • Training session: 1/2 day interactive workshop training format